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Below is listed a subset of publications produced by CMAP researchers.

Baskett, M., R.M. Nisbet, C.V. Kappel, P.J. Mumby and S.D. Gaines. 2010. Conservation management approaches to protecting the capacity for corals to respond to climate change: a theoretical comparison. Global Change Biology 16: 1229-1246.

Berkley, H.A. B.E. Kendall, S. Mitarai, and D.A. Siegel. 2010. Turbulent dispersal promotes species coexistence. Ecology Letters 13: 360-371 [pdf]

Costello, C., & Kaffine, D. 2010. Marine protected areas in spatial property rights fisheries. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, in press.

Costello, C., et al. (2010). The value of spatial information in MPA network design. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107: 18294-18299.

Costello, Christopher, Lynham, J., Lester, SE, & Gaines, SD. (2010). Economic incentives and global fisheries sustainability. Annual Reviews in Natural Resource Economics 2: 299-318.

Foley, M.M., B.S. Halpern, F. Micheli, M.H. Armsby, M.R. Caldwell, C.M. Crain, E. Prahler, N. Rohr, D. Sivas, M.W. Beck, M.H. Carr, L.B. Crowder, J.E. Duffy, S.D. Hacker, K. McLeod, C.H. Peterson, H.M. Regan, M.H. Ruckelshaus, P.A. Sandifer, R.S. Steneck. 2010. Guiding ecological principles for marine spatial planning. Marine Policy 34: 955-966 [pdf]

Gaines, SD, White, Crow, Carr, MH, & Palumbi, SR. (2010). Designing marine reserve networks for both conservation and fisheries management. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107: 18286-18293.

Gaines, S.D., S.E. Lester, K. Grorud-Colvert, C. Costello, and R. Pollnac. 2010. Evolving science of marine reserves: New developments and emerging research frontiers. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107: 18251-18255.

Grorud-Colvert, K, Lester, SE, Airame, S, Neely, E, & Gaines, SD. 2010. Connecting marine reserve science to diverse audiences: Lessons learned from regional and international communication efforts. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Halpern, B.S. and C.V. Kappel. Extinction risk in a changing ocean. In press in: Extinction risk from climate change. L. Hannah (ed.). Island Press, Washington, DC.

Halpern, B.S., C.V. Kappel, F. Micheli, and K.A. Selkoe. 2010. Human impacts on marine ecosystems. In: Conservation Biology for All. P. Ehrlich and N. Sodhi (Eds.). Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK.

Halpern, B. S., Lester, S. E., & Kellner, J. B. (2010). Spillover from marine reserves and the replenishment of fished stocks. Environmental Conservation 36: 268-276. [pdf]

Halpern, B. S., Lester, S. E., & McLeod, K. (2010). Placing marine protected areas onto the ecosystem-based management seascape. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107: 18312-18317. [pdf]

Halpern, B.S., C. White, S.E. Lester, C. Costello, and S.D. Gaines. 2011.  Using portfolio theory to assess tradeoffs between return from natural capital and social equity.  Biological Conservation 144: 1499-1507 [pdf]

Kelly, R.P, M.M. Foley, W.S. Fisher, R.A. Feely, B.S. Halpern, G.G.. Waldbusser, and M.R. Caldwell.  2011.  Mitigating local causes of ocean acidification with existing laws. Science 332: 1036-37. [pdf]

Klein, C.M., N.C. Ban, B.S. Halpern, M. Berger, E.T. Game, H. Grantham, A. Green, T. Klein, S. Kininmonth, E. Treml, K. Wilson, and H.P. Possingham. 2010. Prioritizing land and sea conservation investments to protect coral reefs. Public Library of Science One 5: e12431 [pdf]

Klein, C.J., A. Chan, L. Kircher, A.J. Cundiff, N. Gardner, Y. Hrovat, A. Scholz, B.E. Kendall, S. Airame. 2008. Striking a Balance between Biodiversity Conservation and Socioeconomic Viability in the Design of Marine Protected Areas. Conservation Biology 22: 691-700 [pdf]

Lenihan, H., Holbrook, S.J., Schmitt, R. J., & Brooks, A.J. 2011. Influence of corallivory, competition, and habitat structure on coral community shifts. Ecology 92(10): 1959-1971. [access paper]

Lester, S.E., K.M. McLeod, H.M. Tallis, M. Ruckelshaus, B.S. Halpern, P.S. Levin, F.P. Chavez, C. Pomeroy, B.J. McCay, C. Costello, S.D. Gaines, A.J. Mace, J.A. Barth, D.L. Fluharty, and J.K. Parrish. (2010). Science in support of ecosystem-based management for the US West Coast and beyond. Biological Conservation 143: 576-587. [pdf]

McLeod, K.L., S.E. Lester, M. Ruckelshaus, B.S. Halpern and H. Tallis. 2011. Scientific relevance cuts both ways: informing current and future decision-making. Biological Conservation [pdf]

Morris, W.F., C.A. Pfister, S. Tuljapurkar, C.V. Haridas, C.L. Boggs, M.S. Boyce, E.M. Bruna, D.R. Church, T. Coulson, D.F. Doak, S. Forsyth, J.-M. Gaillard, C.C. Horvitz, S. Kalisz, B.E. Kendall, T.M. Knight, C.T. Lee, and E.S. Menges. 2008. Longevity can buffer plant and animal populations against changing climatic variability. Ecology 89:19-25 [pdf]

Pelc, R., R.R. Warner, S.D. Gaines, and C.B. Paris. 2010. Detecting larval export from marine reserves. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Reed, D.C, Rassweiler, A. Carr, M.H., Cavanaugh, K.C., Malone, D.P., & Siegel, D.A. 2011. Wave disturbance overwhelms top-down and bottom-up control of primary production in California kelp forests. Ecology 92(11): 2108-2116. [access paper]

Siegel, D.A., S. Mitarai, C.J. Costello, S.D. Gaines, B.E. Kendall, R.R. Warner, and K.B. Winters. 2008. The stochastic nature of larval connectivity among nearshore marine populations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.105: 8974-8979 [pdf]

Tallis, H., et al. (2010). The many faces of ecosystem-based management: Making the process work today in real places. Marine Policy 34: 340-348. [pdf]

Teck, S.J., B.S. Halpern, C.V. Kappel, F. Micheli, K.A. Selkoe, C.M. Crain, R. Martone, C. Shearer, J. Arvai, B. Fischhoff, G. Murray, R. Neslo, and R. Cooke. 2010. Using expert judgment to estimate marine ecosystem vulnerability in the California Current. Ecological Applications 20: 1402-1416. [pdf]

Trebilco, R., B.S. Halpern, J. Mills-Flemming, C. Field, W. Blanchard, and B. Worm.  2011.  Mapping species richness and human impact drivers to inform global pelagic conservation prioritizations.  Biological Conservation 144: 1758-1766 [pdf]

Watson, J.R., Siegel, D.A., Kendall, B.E., Mitarai, S., Rassweiller, A., & Gaines, S.D. 2011. Identifying critical regions in small-world marine metapopulations. Special ed. PNAS Early Edition: 1-7. [access paper]

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