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Will McClintock

Will McClintock

Dr. Will McClintock is a Project Scientist at the UCSB Marine Science Institute. His research involves the design, development and implementation of geospatial technologies to facilitate marine spatial planning. He is particularly interested in practical applications of web-based technologies to facilitate collaborative, science-based and stakeholder driven decision making. From 2005-2011, Dr. McClintock was the Director of the MairneMap Consortium, a group of scientists and technologists at UCSB, Ecotrust and The Nature Conservancy. He enjoys working with individuals with a variety of skills to bring free and open source tools to real-world, large scale marine spatial planning projects.

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Dr. McClintock's lab, in collaboration with The MarineMap Consortium, developed theĀ web-based decision support system for California's Marine Life Protection Act Initiative. The MarineMap Decision Support Tool (DST) was the primary means by which stakeholders collaboratively authored science-backed marine protected area (MPA) proposals. Development continued throughout the planning process to meet the evolving needs of scientists, planners and stakeholders. Additionally, the McClintock lab developed several application prototypes such as theĀ MarineMap Impacts Assessment Tool developed in collaboration with Ben Halpern, and an MPA Monitoring Data application developed in collaboration with David Kushner.

In 2011, Dr. McClintock received an gift of $500,000 from Jack Dangermond, CEO of ESRI, the world's largest provider of geographic information systems (GIS) software. The gift was in recognition of the McClintock lab's contribution to MarineMap and to facilitate the development of the "next generation" marine spatial planning application using ESRI software.

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